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Building a legacy since 1992

All the values for which E21 is known – use of advanced technologies, incomparable quality and continuous development – are maintained over time through a high level of commitment, without forgetting the pleasure of the journey itself.

360 Commitment

At E21 we have implemented our culture of innovation and development to work on improving sustainability and the Environment, Privacy and our Production Processes.
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The future of the possible.

Creating quality technology accessible to all

Specialists in dosing technologies and process automation

For more than 25 years, E21 has specialized in the creation, design and manufacture of products and processes focused on dosing and industrial automation. With a very clear vision, we have committed ourselves to R&D in an unprecedented way, promoting a culture of innovation and curiosity, allowing complex processes to be transformed into user-friendly equipment. As if that were not enough, we are passionate about everything we do. This passion is the only path to success and the one that sets us apart from others. That’s why we are consistent in our dedication to excellence and our commitment to what we offer. Headquartered in Barcelona, well known for its high technological and industrial development, E21 has first class international suppliers and talent in order to offer the best solutions in the market.
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Heritage and Innovation

Creativity is at the heart of every dream

There is not a single day that one of our engineers or technicians stops testing our equipment in real scenarios. We consider ourselves fortunate to have a team that keeps improving to take color management to another level. Since our beginnings, we have experienced an incredible progression, but we are sure that this is not all. This gives us even more desire to continue creating. Our R&D team does not respond to trends, we like to be able to create them and be the first to experience them.

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Feeding Systems

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Agitadores & Blenders

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Engineering services

Turnkey process automation projects. More than 20 years of experience in projects for the automation of industrial processes. We know that the best solution is one that combines efficiency, simplicity and performance.


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