Ink Dispensing

Create incredible colors.

Pursuing perfection in color.

Never before has it been so easy to take control of your color lab. E21 offers the most advanced ink dispensers on the market, which will give you maximum color repeatability, save on set-up times, raw material costs and reduce your ink return stock to a minimum.

Ink Dispensing Systems 4

Flexibility and Modularity

  • Total control over color through scientific methods (colorproof, xrite, spectrophotometer, …).
  • Forget the stocks. Create the color you need when you need it. Color Just In Time
  • Create any color formula at a much lower cost and with your own deadlines.
  • Reduce logistics to the minimum. Manage the quantities of ink you need when you need them. And reduce wastes!
  • Reliability, precision, accuracy, repeatability, automation of your entire ink production process.
  • Thanks to the traceability you will have all the phases of the production controlled so that you do not miss even the smallest detail.

Let your employees do what they do best,
add value.

The ink kitchen system ensures that the mechanical processes are carried out perfectly.

Ink Dispensing features

  • Multiple configurations. Find the perfect configuration for your project.
  • As it is modular, we can install it in any location.
  • Perfect machinery for any type of ink. It works with high and low viscosities. Conventional Offset inks, UV Offset, UV-LED Offset, Low Migration Offset, Water Based Flexo, Solvent Based Flexo, UV Flexo, UV-LED Flexo, Low Migration Flexo.
  • Our reaction ability is agile, fast and adaptive. Practically instantaneous implementation of all kinds of new technologies.
  • Accurate, efficient and repeatable dosing. Have full control of production.
  • State-of-the-art software. Connect from anywhere, anytime. Visualize, control and execute in real time.
Ink Pumps 25kg
Ink Dispensing Systems 5

DOSAT range features

  • Product family specially designed for Offset ink dosing (Conventional, UV, UV-LED, Low migration)
  • Complete range of equipment, from small productions to large batches.
  • Multiple degrees of automation and modularization.
  • Fully configurable layout depending on the space available.

DISTINT range features

  • Family of products specially designed for the dosage of Flexographic ink (Water based, Solvent based, UV, UV-LED, Low migration)
  • Complete range of machines, from small productions to large batches.
  • Wide range of automation and modularization.
  • Fully customizable layout depending on the area available.
Ink Dispensing Systems 6
Ink Dispensing Systems 7

HYDO range features

  • Product family specifically developed for hybrid technologies (Offset and Flexo).
  • We combine Offset and Flexo ink dispensing on the same machine, so you don't have to invest in 2.
  • Many degrees of automatization and modularization.
  • Totally adaptable layout according to the space available.

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