HYDO - Hybrid Dispensing 1

Hybrid technology, maximum versatility


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The revolutionary HYDO family is designed especially for those who use different printing technologies. HYDO allows these different inks to be dosed from a single machine. Don’t invest in 2 machines, with HYDO you can do it from the same machine. This product is intended for users who need to formulate products in batches of up to 35kg, containing many components and who always need to obtain the exact color. The MHYDO medium dispensing system ensures that repetitive dosages are made accurately, automatically and without losing the traceability of the colors made. This ink kitchen is specially designed for label printers, packaging, luxury, cosmetics, food, ink distributors and many more who need to produce medium size batches of formulated Offset and Flexo ink.
HYDO - Hybrid Dispensing 2

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